Grill Menu 1


Grilled Ribs

tender garlic & herb pork ribs finished on the grill


Grilled Chicken

marinated breasts, legs, thighs and wings, brushed with pesto


Mac and Cheese

three cheeses, cherry tomatoes and scallion



classic and jalapeno-cheddar


Crisp Cabbage Slaw

red and savoy cabbage, creamy poppy dressing, carrots and parsley


Grilled and Roasted Veggies

simple fresh farm veg, flash grilled or roasted, with balsamic and chives


Toasted Grains and Kale Salad

nutty whole grains, quick cooked kale, toasted almonds, pickled red onion


Chickpeas with Feta and Cucumber

tossed with olive vinaigrette and mint




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